A living financial plan that grows with you

As a client-inspired advisory business, our purpose is to provide you with objective financial advice that would assist you in achieving your unique financial goals.

Just like a tour guide would carefully map out a journey or tour, so can we assist you in carefully mapping out your financial journey to provide you with the direction you need to make those difficult financial decisions, now and into the future. 

With the help of your Consult Adviser, we will embark on a journey to first determine your future objectives and goals, then have a look at your current financial situation before developing a plan of action on how to bridge the gap to reach your financial destination. We journey with you from Point A to B, and make sure that you reach your financial goals successfully over time.

Whether your goals are to protect your peace of mind, your lifestyle, your health, your assets or to grow your wealth – we are committed to partner with you on your financial journey, no matter how long it takes for you to reach your goals.

What to expect from your Consult Adviser

You can expect professional, unbiased, objective financial advice from your Consult Adviser. We only partner with advisers who share our vision and passion for financial advice, those who are willing to foster long-term relationships with their clients and advisers that live by our values of honesty and integrity and always display ethical behaviour.

Consult Advisers will follow this process to ultimately provide you with your own, personalised financial plan.

Financial planning for any life stage
Whether you are interested in a comprehensive financial plan or if you have a very specialised financial requirement, your Consult Adviser can guide you on the following aspects of financial planning:
  Debt and cash-flow management - advice on personal budgeting and dealing with debt
  Risk planning - to understand the impact of dying prematurely, becoming disabled or suffering from critical illness
  Pre-retirement planning - to ensure that you save enough to maintain your lifestyle in retirement
  Post-retirement planning - wise investing to ensure that your capital outlives you
  Investment planning - for advice on the creation and preservation of wealth, taking into account risk, tax and liquidity factors
  Health planning - to combat rising healthcare and medical aid costs and ensuring a plan that suits your family’s healthcare needs
  Asset protection - for protection against personal and commercial assets


Consult Category II Licensed Services

Unlocking Enhanced Financial Solutions and practice value through Consult’s category II license


Part of the Consult Investment strategy is to deliver on several Investment propositions which include a Private Wealth offering to high-net-worth clients. Consult’s category II license enables the business to offer a range of solutions and model portfolios, local and global, which are managed to purposefully align the investment philosophy with the client’s needs and outcomes through an integrated financial planning process. We are authorized to manage your solutions both retail and bespoke, allowing us to make swift and informed investment decisions through an experienced team of Portfolio Managers and Wealth Managers, on behalf of you and your client. This will take your client and your investment experience to the next level.

We are proud to be a Category II licensed FSP, ensuring that our offerings meet the highest standards of excellence.


Consult Category II Licensed Services are managed on the following outcomes: 


Expanded Scope of Services: As a Category II license holder, we have the expertise and authority to offer a diverse array of financial solutions and services.
Our specialized offerings include, but are not limited to:

- Investment Advice under Consult’s Category I licence: Tailored investment strategies to suit your financial goals.

- Intermediary Services: Efficiently connecting you with the best financial products and services available.


Regulatory Excellence: Your peace of mind is our priority. With a Category II license, we are subject to rigorous regulatory oversight, ensuring compliance with the exacting standards set forth by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Our dedication to adhering to specific conduct standards means that your best interests are always at the heart of our decision-making


Fit and Proper: Trust is the foundation of our relationship. To obtain and maintain our Category II license, our team of experts has met and surpassed the "fit and proper" criteria. Rest assured, our qualifications, experience, and integrity enable us to deliver top-tier financial advice and intermediary services.


Transparent Reporting: Transparency is our hallmark. As a Category II license holder, we keep accurate records of all activities, and we are committed to providing you with regular reports. Your trust in our services is our most cherished asset


Financial Stability: Your security matters to us. Our commitment to maintaining a certain level of capital adequacy ensures the utmost financial stability, safeguarding your investments and interests.


Compliant Excellence: Complying with regulatory directives, including the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS Act), is a fundamental pillar of our ethos. Our dedication to conducting business in a fair, transparent, and responsible manner sets us apart.

Choose Excellence

Consult can offer you our Category II Licensed Services. When it comes to your financial future, the decision is clear. Consult stands ready to empower your investments, unlock new opportunities, and safeguard your financial well-being. Partner with us today and experience financial solutions tailored to your aspirations.