Wealth management is key to any good financial plan

Once you have protected your life, your ability to earn an income, your health and your assets, it’s time to plan how you are going to grow your existing wealth or how you are going to save towards a specific goal such as education for your children or a comfortable retirement. 

Certainty gives peace of mind

Knowing upfront what type of investment return your investment will deliver gives you peace of mind to embrace the future with confidence. Aligned to this need for certainty, Consult follows an outcomes-based investment philosophy – that means that we are so obsessed with you achieving your specific financial objectives, that we manage your investment solution according to your unique investment requirements. Our mandated investment team have access to 80 local and international investment professionals and collectively manage over R5 billion of assets to align your goals with the best possible investment journey.

Your investment journey to success

What type of investor are you?
Consult has an investment strategy to cater for any risk appetite:
The Consult Select Model Portfolios

We partner with Equilibrium and Momentum Global Investment Management to offer local and offshore solutions. Our flagship Consult Select Model Portfolios empowers clients to invest in a single, multi-asset, multi-style, multi-manager fund – aligned to their unique requirements, risk appetite and return objectives. 
More about our investment management
Consult has embarked on a journey to build an end-to-end investment advice process. This incorporates an outcome-based philosophy, an investment framework with investment strategies aligned to inflation plus investment outcomes for clients. The risk profile is aligned to the appropriate investment strategy to ensure that the financial planning outcomes are achieved. A full range of model portfolios were constructed to support the philosophy, with investment outcomes according to specific time horizons. The financial planning process and proposal have been designed to integrate the investment process and implementation into the Consult model portfolios.
Consult follows an Outcome-based Investment Philosophy. We have partnered with Equilibrium Investment Management (Pty) Limited (“Equilibrium”) that enables us to construct world-class outcome-based investment solutions that can be aligned with investors’ unique investment objectives.
All components from the mandated design, asset allocation, risk management, portfolio construction, the structuring of investments as well as reporting are aimed at achieving the investors’ investment goals. By creating a unique and sustainable investment proposition, Consult aims to keep clients invested, thus creating a reposeful journey to achieve their stated objectives. Consult has access to a highly competent team comprising of more than 80 local and international investment professionals.