Technology-enabled cash management


We offer cash management solutions through a partnership with Investec. The Corporate Cash Manager (CCM) is a third-party service that enables Consult Advisers to efficiently and effectively, transact on behalf of their clients through an internet-based banking system. In addition to the opening and closing of funds, this easy-to-use, paperless tool allows our advisers to process transactions, electronically deposit funds, and assist clients with email confirmations, client statements and IT3(b) certificates.

A range of innovative solutions to meet your liquidity and return needs


As a corporate, we understand that you want your cash to work as hard as you do. That is why, regardless of your financial goals, we offer access to a range of solutions to help you reach them. You can choose between:
  Call accountsEarn an exceptional return on your surplus cash while enjoying immediate access to your funds
  Flexible notice depositsReceive competitive rates to maximise your investment returns, while providing liquidity on an overnight basis, so you can better manage your cash flow
  Fixed depositsFix your investment term and secure a higher interest rate. Benefit from earning interest from day one
  Structured depositsChoose a structured investment product that offers you growth and capital protection
  Step-up coupon depositsA unique offering that offers you liquidity and higher returns for cash that stays invested
Excellent outcome-based benefits
Competitive savings products and rates
Innovative yield-enhancing solutions that offer optimal liquidity
No transaction fees on conventional transactions
Access to a team of cash specialists