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Just like an attorney assesses a problem and helps find a legal solution, or a doctor diagnoses a health issue and recommends a treatment plan, so too does a financial adviser play a crucial role in assessing a client's financial situation and setting a plan in place to help the client realise their financial hopes and dreams. Having a client's best interests at heart is at the centre of any profession, but making those interests your passion, purpose and reason for getting up in the morning are what makes Consult different to the rest.

Advisers you can trust

Our team offers the perfect balance between highly qualified industry veterans and qualified rising-star professionals, all with extensive experience in financial planning and advice, wealth management and the development and distribution of product solutions. We hold our financial advisers to the highest professional and ethical standards - we only partner with financial advisers who share our vision and passion for financial advice, those who are constantly rising to the challenge in meeting new regulatory requirements and those who are prepared to forge long-lasting relationships with their clients and partner with them on their financial journey.

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